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Hi guys :) i know I’ve been off the radar for a while, but i should return to my fitness posting shortly. Sorry for being away for so long and I hope to make up for it with beneficial blogs and posts. Thanks for all the love and support, miss you all very very much. #nervebullet

Dear wife,
You dont’t need to look for your shaker. It has been kidnapped and will be released upon the provision of the following ransom:
šŸ”« a dinner that does not involve the word Kale or Qunioa
šŸ”« a preorder of the next Bioshock game whenever they announce it (must be collectors edition)
šŸ”« immediate removal of the pink tin in our living room that clashes with my book and vinyl collection
šŸ”« approval of the pull up bar that will grace our shared premisses

Failure to comply within the next 35 minutes will result in continued use of mentioned shaker, and eventually you will be left with the aroma of my whey shakes that are not so vegan friendly. You could buy a new one rendering this hostage situation a complete dud.

Your loving husband

Ps: new blog post will be up later today!

Last weeks workout sessions were very uneasy for me, as i left the gym feeling over-exhausted and weak having carried minimum weight (Im talking 3-6kgs). My depletion in strength was apparent and although I expected this feeling due to having been absent from lifting for over a month and a half due to my shoulder tear, i still couldn’t bring myself to get over it. I forced myself to take it slow. I was psychologically affected when attempting an assisted pull up so let the machine carry most of my weight.I stuck with it and this week I felt a little brave so tried to carry half my body weight (chin ups). I did feel soreness before bedtime but thanks to adequate nutrition to aid recovery i was able to head back to the gym today and do pull ups alongside my chest and tricep workouts. Still feel like my strength is a long way from getting back to where I want it to be but I’m grateful to regain the ability to train again. I will post this weeks workouts on my blog tomorrow alongside another brand spanking new article! :) #gym #workouts #fitness

No i dont have a one arm over sweating issue, and i wish i could say that i rescued baby seals from furious drivers in the rain however none of these seem to be the case. My water bottle wanted to be rebellious and seems to have come with a ‘I can unscrew myself and soak into everything inside Mo’s gym bag’ option. To make it worse today is a rare occasion where i decided to include my laptop in the gym bag, however lucky for me it decided to be a hero and temporary enable its cloak of ‘water proofness’. Therefore this weeks blog post is safe and will be posted later this evening on my site. Sorry Darth-Water bottle better luck next time. #wetlaptoplives #gymstories #atheleteproblems #waterbottlegetsthenaughtycorner

Wishing everyone an awesome start of the week! I finally stabilized my eating schedule after the insane damage i did to my eating schedule last week (e.g. Stealing from my sisters chocolate stash after already consuming burger,shakes and fries). I went out for sushi with beautiful @bossykitchen and wonderful family from kuwait @goldeengirl and ali. Kept my selection mostly raw and mayo free (also asked for low sodium soy sauce). Other meals included grilled chicken that i had at home with jute leaf (mulokhiya). My saturday night dinner was Kale falafel with baked sweet potatoes. I snuck in a few naughty bites of what people around me were having but i promise to stop doing that from now on and return to my former glory!! How was your weekend and what was your favorite meal during that time? #sushi #foodideas #nutrition

How is everybody doing this fine Saturday? The weather is absolutely gorgeous especially for a visit to the the farmers market with my beautiful granny! :) Excellent variety of local and fresh vegetables. Im set for the week ahead and will share the dishes that my veggies end up in. #healthy #farmersmarket #fresh #local

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